Milagro Car, Analog Capture Chromogenic Print, 16″ x 48″

Born in Farmington, New Mexico, Cody Brothers has devoted his life to documenting the western landscape.  His interest in this subject was born out of childhood trips, often with his grandfather, traveling the Four Corners area and beyond. The Western Abandon series gives us a glimpse into a not-so-distant past, reminding us of where we’ve been and what we’ve left behind.

Forgotten farms, gas stations and automobiles are part of the American landscape and through Brothers’ vision, project a solitude that is at once both beautiful and haunting. His tireless traveling is testament not only to his love for the western landscape but also his devotion to capturing the “perfect shot”.

Brothers creates his black and white, infrared film studies in a manner that combines his unique compositional sense with an expertise built from decades of experimentation. With an eye for the optimum treatment of his subjects, Brothers employs three different large-format methods: panoramic, 4 by 5 and pinhole. His use of film is a fitting medium for a craft that is both rooted in history yet always evolving in its technology.

“We are surrounded by our history,” says Brothers, “and that is especially true in New Mexico and the Southwest. The imagery of this series is a window into the hopes and dreams of our past as well as a reminder that we are not as far removed from them as we might imagine.”

Western Abandon opens June 17th and runs through July 12th.