Doyle Svenby was born, raised and resides in Colorado Springs, Colorado. He has been a metal sculptor and fabricator for 26 years and has been painting for ten. His art can be found in private collections, galleries and citycollections and parks across the United States.

“I have always loved working with steel and was exhilarated by the challenge to create something beautiful out of discarded objects. The same thoughts intrigue me with painting as I maintain the obstacle of using recycled housing paints, spray paints and plywood.

My colorselection is random. I use what I find and experiment a lot. Different types of paint react inversely when mixed. I usually start with a form in mind and introduce colors throughout the process while adding a layering process”.

In his work,he attemptsto create pieces that speak to the viewer. His work is alive with distinct style;each piece being characterized by its own dynamic presence. As a scrap yard genius, he makes stiff, cold raw material come alive with his whimsical manipulations, as each piece has an unexpected line or surprising curve that throws the viewer off. Constantly moving forward with new spaces, new ideas and new materials which all tend to keep his mind racing, his versatility as an artist is unlimited, from his rich style of functional furnishings and accessories, to oversized outdoor sculpture.

 “I truly enjoy creating and exploring different ways to interpret the world and nature through painting and sculpting”.

— Doyle Svenby