In my early twenties, when I decided to become an artist, I started as a painter. I knew that if I had subject matter that was strong, innovative and exciting I would be able to execute it with great effect. When this media did not inspire me, my instinct was to try something different. Sculpture had always interested me, so why not?

Sculpting had shown me what true inspiration felt like. As a sculptor the ideas came fast and furious. The 30 years that followed brought much success and allowed me to develop my own style and techniques for creating 3-D artwork. My style evolved and became stronger and unique. I created familiar images with a geometric flavor that I called ‘STILL ANIMATION’.

I would try to capture this in sculpture over the years. I had thought in the beginning that it was all intuitive. At one point, becoming aware of Mel Zaid’s fundamental work in Left Brain Art and multispace, and his related concepts of multiple universes, I realized that I was subconsciously entering another world; a universe filled with planes, surfaces and shadows that had a sense of life and movement. I could take any subject or idea and blend it, resulting in an ever surprising outcome that kept me constantly on the edge. The more I visited this place the more I became aware of it.

This unique universe is a busy place with tightly organized randomness. Although everything remains unchanged, as the viewer’s vantage point moves, every scene from every angle seems to be changing. I refer to this space as ‘THE DIGITAL UNIVERSE’; an environment entirely made of rectangular cuboids that seemed to be growing as the viewer interacts with the image. It is the very essence of what my collective work is about. I want to explore this high–tech organic world more and more.

Since this universe exists somewhere in my mind I can’t exactly take photos of it — but I can paint what I can visualize. With the introduction of color and hard-edged painted components an apparent holographic image is created — achieving a true 3-dimensional effect on a 2 dimensional surface.

In this manner my painting and sculpture now interacts as I continue to explore and expand these concepts into higher dimensions. With each mind-visualization I can come back, study and paint on canvas these VISUAL REPORTS FROM THE DIGITAL UNIVERSE.